OakTree Software

I have been a long-time fan of OakTree’s Accordance Bible program. I have used it for years. It is simply the most powerful Bible study program for the Mac and is used by numerous biblical scholars for original language research.

But, one area that has shown it’s age was the interface. Accordance Bible was around long before OS X, and some of it interface elements were actually carried over from OS 9.

v9 Original

These are screenshots of the user interface for version 9 of the Accordance Bible software. It was from these two screenshots that ForbenMedia began to recreate a modern Accordance Bible UI experience.

v9 without Zonesv9 without Zones

v10 ForbenMedia mockups

These are mockups for the updated v10. The first contains no zones, the other two are different themes for the interface.

ForbenMedia: v10 without ZonesForbenMedia: Modern theme with ZonesForbenMedia: Antique theme with Zones

We encourage you to check out Accordance 10. It truly is the best Bible software on the Mac and with a free trial you can’t go wrong. A PC version is scheduled for release in 2013.

InTouch Ministries

ForbenMedia’s first client was InTouch Ministries and our friendship and relationship continues to grow. We have worked on layouts for magazine articles, internal materials, business cards, and corporate identity.

Forbenmedia - print design sampleForbenmedia - print design sampleForbenmedia - print design sampleForbenmedia - print design sampleForbenmedia - print design sampleForbenmedia - print design sample

The folks at Forbenmedia are great to work with. They bring many years of diverse experience to the table, along with an excited willingness and abundant creativity to help you communicate quickly and clearly with your audience to create a seamless and pleasurable experience for them. I would highly recommend them for your next venture.Steve Lindsey Director of Resources and Fulfillment at InTouch Ministries